Monday, August 13, 2012

My Weekend

Last weekend I went to my friend, Lyndsey's wedding in Pasadena, Maryland. I had the honor of making the jewelry for her five beautiful bridesmaids. Her wedding colors were moss green, ivory and gold.  I completed this project back in April but I held off on sharing it until after the wedding.

Bridesmaids Jewelry by AnnakayCreations

Bridesmaids Jewelry by AnnakayCreations
 See the jewelry on her bridesmaids. 
Photo and Jewelry by AnnaKayCreations

Photo and Jewelry by AnnaKayCreations
 I was really happy that everything turned out the way she expected :))

The only picture I managed to snab with Lindsey did not turn out the way I had hoped. Overally, the wedding celebrations were fantastic.   I hope you had a great weekend as much as I did!



What a fantastic set of necklaces; perfect for their dresses. You did a wonderful job. :-)

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