Friday, May 20, 2011

Enjoy your weekend!

Bracelet by AnnaKayCreations
Hello everyone, Just a quick update. The first artisan feature and interview will be posted on my blog on Friday, June 3rd.  I can't wait!!! I am really thankful to everyone that has expressed interest. 

June is booked so I am now accepting submissions for the month of July. Hope to hear from you awesome crafters and designers out there.  Go here for details!

Enjoy your weekend!

Monday, May 09, 2011

Anna Kay Creations Logo Revealed

I mentioned in my previous post that I would reveal Anna Kay Creations business logo.  Thanks to a local Etsy Graphic Designer named Kristen of TheGirlMakesBanners on Etsy. 

I wanted a unique attention grabbing logo yet clean and elegant, at the same time I wanted a logo that I felt represented Anna Kay Creations. Out of the rough drafts she initially presented to me, and several days of decision making.  I found this one below to be a better fit. I hope you like it.

Kristen also designed my blog banner, business cards, earring, necklace, bracelet tag and stickers to go with it. She did a wonderful job incorporating the logo into the designs. The business cards and stickers should arrive in a few days. The rest of the items will take atleast another 2-3 weeks before I receive them in the mail from the printing company. I hope to share them with you once everything arrives. I can't wait.  (:

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Few Changes Coming to Anna Kay Creations

Antique Brass Earrings by AnnaKayCreations

If you happened to pop by my blog within the last few days you may have noticed a few tweaks here and there. 

Just to name a few: I re-arranged most of my external links and moved them to the side bar, and changed the side bar background color for more visibility. 

My goal is to continue to make my blog clean, simple and easy to navigate. Did I mention, cute? Hope you like the new changes so far (:

Email Subscribers 
Going forward subscription emails will be delivered to your inbox between 11 am-1pm EST, unless otherwise noted. This is an effort to reach a much wider audience in different time zones.

Ruby Red and Wood Necklace By AnnaKayCreations
Other changes
  • I will be showcasing some of my jewelry creations on my blog on a regular basis. I missed doing it so much that I managed to squeeze in a few in this post. Hehe.

  • I will continue to feature handmade artisans from around the world to share with my blog readers.  This will be slightly different from the Product Spotlight Feature. I will create a separate post with more details by the end of next week.
This has been an ongoing project since early February.  I am yet to reveal additional changes coming to Anna Kay Creations, including my new logo designed by a local Graphic Designer on EtsyStay tuned because I would really love to hear your thoughts (:

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