Monday, June 06, 2011

Blogger Problems

I recently discovered some issues with my blog. While I have been able to log in and make blog posts. I have not been able to click on any navigation links or make comments using Mozilla Firefox, my preferred web browser. 

I have been using this for a couple of years now without any problems. I spent most of yesterday evening installing and uninstalling web browsers with the hopes that it would fix the problem, but that has not helped. :(

Accessing my blog from a different computer (Firefox web browser) didn’t help either. However, using Internet explorer has not been an issue. I am not sure whether this is a blogger issue, web browser problem, or something I have done wrong. 

Is anyone else out there is experiencing the same problem? Any help would be appreciated.
Email: annakaycreations(at)



I have not been able to leave comments either. Blogger directs me to sign in when I am signed in. Let's see if I'm able to post this comment. Fingers crossed!

Oh my!!!! I think I just resolved the problem with my blog. After I deleted one of the blog widgets (LinkWithin) everything got back to normal. I don't know how I thought to do that but it worked :))

@ The Beaded Pillow, I am sorry to hear about the issues you are facing. I'm sure it must be frustrating. I hope the glitch gets resolved soon.

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