Monday, May 09, 2011

Anna Kay Creations Logo Revealed

I mentioned in my previous post that I would reveal Anna Kay Creations business logo.  Thanks to a local Etsy Graphic Designer named Kristen of TheGirlMakesBanners on Etsy. 

I wanted a unique attention grabbing logo yet clean and elegant, at the same time I wanted a logo that I felt represented Anna Kay Creations. Out of the rough drafts she initially presented to me, and several days of decision making.  I found this one below to be a better fit. I hope you like it.

Kristen also designed my blog banner, business cards, earring, necklace, bracelet tag and stickers to go with it. She did a wonderful job incorporating the logo into the designs. The business cards and stickers should arrive in a few days. The rest of the items will take atleast another 2-3 weeks before I receive them in the mail from the printing company. I hope to share them with you once everything arrives. I can't wait.  (:



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