Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My First Etsy Sales!

Saturday, April 18th 2009. I woke up to my first 2 Etsy sales. At that time I was just checking out craftcult.com -a website I came across by accident where you can see who loves your shop and your items.

Anyways, as I was checking it out I noticed that the number of items listed for sale at Craft cult did not match what I had originally posted at my Etsy shop.

Although it did say 2 items sold, it still didn't make much sense to me because I hadn't sold an item from the last time that I had checked my shop the other day. 

Silly me, still in denial, trying to figure this out- I decided to check my Etsy shop. You should have seen the surprise on my face when I realized that the sales were REAL. Hahaha.

It was a wonderful feeling for a Saturday morning! I can't describe it any better. I have since received my first positive feedback. :) 



Congrats on the sales and the feedback. I hope they are the first of many more.

Thanks Lou, I hope so too :)

Congratulations on your first Etsy sale. You have lovely jewelry, so I'm sure many more sales will follw!

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