Monday, April 26, 2010

Just a few pictures

Hi there, Happy Monday to you....I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I would share a few pictures of my vacation in Florida- Miami to be exact. Since I don't want to bore you with way too many pictures. I  picked a few random ones to share. So here goes. 

Bayside Market Place - is one place I would definately recommend to anyone wanting to spend a nice and relaxing day in Miami. It's an outdoor 2 storey shopping mall with a good variety of shops, restaurants where you can enjoy a nice meal  (Cuban food, Seafood & tropical drinks).  You can enjoy live music and check out several vendor stalls that sell a variety of crafts, souvenirs etc.

This was one particular vendor stall that caught my attention (handcrafted jewelry Of course). Thankfully, the lady was kind enough to allow me to take a few pictures of her very intriguing jewelry display (don't get me wrong, her jewelry pieces were just as intriguing. These pictures don't do much justice. )

I was truly inspired by her creativity, use of color and method of jewelry making. We chit chatted briefly about her work and exchanged contacts. Of course I couldn't resist buying a piece of her jewelry to take home with me. I swear I wanted to buy it all!! Lol

Oh! You can also choose to take a boat trip to Star Island where all the famous celebrities live like Oprah, Gloria Estefan, Will Smith, P. Diddy,  Sylvester Stallone and many others.

Cruise Ships

Miami Beach

Miami locals dancing on the street across South Beach.

Miami Seaquarium An awesome marine life entertainment park with eight different marine animal shows and astonishing presentations.  I will post a short video of one of the dolphin shows soon.  It's pretty cool!!

A few of my best shots of the killer whale.:)

That's me at the Stingray exhibit feeling these amazing creatures.

Cocowalk- Another open-air shopping mall, a fantastic place to shop, eat and enjoy a uniquely Miami shopping experience.

Ok, it's me again ready for some fun beach time. Until then chao!! 



Thanks for sharing your photos; never boring ~ it's like taking a mini-vacation myself.

Good point @The Beaded Pillow, didn't think about it that way. Thanks for stopping by :)

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